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What If
... your employee needs medical assistance in a remote area?

... quality emergency medical facilities are not available?

... the level of health care is below U.S. standards?

Do You Need a Doctor ?

To Help with International Medical Issues?

We evaluate healthcare resources and develop medical emergency plans medical care plans for companies involved in new country operations.  This allows the company to identify medical risks and anticipate potential medical expenses in their business plan.

Country Resource Evaluation . . .
An experienced international medical advisor will evaluate the available healthcare resources in a country and make recommendations to assure proper medical care is abailable to employees working in the country.  Evauation may include site visits to hospitals and clinics in the country plus visits with local medical personnel to evaluate the skill level and availability of appropriate medical care.
Medical Crisis Planning . . .
We will coordinate with your company to develop a medical crisis plan including triage plans for medical emergency situations at your international location(s).  Service may include site visits for evaluation of the local medical resources to assisting in designing a medical evacuation plan for the location.
Expatriate Support Services. . .
Our medical advisor will provide consultation and guidance on health issues for expatriate families during theri international assignment.

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