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"Indirect costs of injuries are five times greater than the direct ones"

Source: E.I.. DuPont

Do You Need a Doctor ?

To be Your Company Medical Advisor ?

Provide Board Certified Occupational Physician to serve as a part-time company medical director
Develop strategies and programs to meet company needs and regulatory requirements
Provide advice to management on workplace health issues and regulatory compliance (OSHA, ADA, FMLA)
Provide medical audits & evaluation of current health practices
Provide health education programs and information


Management resource available on call as needed

Avoids cost of full-time regular employee

Helps company meet regulatory requirements

Helps evaluate workplace health risks and plan for mitigation

Pricing structure is friendly to small and medium enterprises

Just as most of the iceberg is hidden from view, so too are the indirect costs of worker injuries. Good prevention is the key to saving both the direct and indirect costs of injuries.

Our Medical Advisor can help you with your occupational health programs.

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