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"Time is the most valuable thing that a man can spend"

"Remember that time is money"
Ben Franklin

"Nothing is so dear and precious as time"

Save Time & Money !

Provide Assistance for Your Employees
                During Relocation

We provide medical information and advice to individuals and employees to help enhance the adaptation into their new country of residence.  We prepare individuals for moves from the United States to foreign locations.  We also help foreign nationals moving into the U. S. understand how to use the U.S. medical system, choose a doctor, and prepare for emergencies

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If You Are Making an International Move!

"Health Care: What to Know Before You Go"

        $$ Value of Relocation Medical Assistance   $$

Provides medical & health risk information to families

   Reduces risks of costly failed assignments

   Reduces stress on worker & family

Provides medical orientation for foreign nationals relocating to U.S

Workers adapt to new assignment area more quickly

   Less work distraction

   Improved Productivity

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