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OSHA Guidelines
"Safety & Health During International Travel"
Recommends that employers provide employee preparation & training prior to travel

Techical Information Bulletin
April 12, 2002

Are You Prepared for Travel?

Many people travel to international locations for business and pleasure.  However, most depart without knowing or understanding the risks associated with the trip.  Companies send employees to distant locations without adequate preparation or planning.
If someone becomes ill or is injured during the trip, where do you obtain medical care?  
What is the quality of care in the local medical facilities?

Just as a business plans for financial and production issues, each business and pleasure traveler should plan for the medical and security risks associated with the trip.                                                                            

We provide training seminars and medical advice for companies and groups who travel internationally.  One of our training seminars helps companies meet OSHA Guidelines for training of international business travelers plus helps to reduce the risks for the company and the traveler.

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Guidelines for Travel

Get information about the area and risks before you go.
Remember food & water precautions during your travel.
Pay attention to your surroundings.
Have a local contact & someone at home who knows your schedule.
Have a plan to handle emergency situations.

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